Lynne Krohn

Lynne found yoga as a freshman in university, originally looking for a new physical exercise but finding a whole lot more. After graduating from Drexel in 2011, Lynne worked behind a desk for several years before finding passion in sharing her yoga practice as a means of living a fulfilled life in the modern fast-paced western culture. She teaches yoga in the Vinyasa style with touches of Ashtanga, focusing on strengthening both the body and the mind through carefully structured classes ranging from quiet stretches to challenging inversions. She also incorporates breath work, light meditation and yogic philosophy in her classes. In addition to teaching yoga, Lynne is currently running health coaching programs and studying Psychology at Columbia University, with hopes of incorporating all of her knowledge to enrich as many lives as possible. Through yoga, meditation, nutrition and mindfulness, Lynne aims to live and help others as possible live simply, happily and freely, no matter life’s ever-changing outside factors.