Julie Serow

Julie first began practicing yoga with the intention of benefitting her physical body as a contemporary dancer. She soon discovered that this practice would have a very deep effect on her overall life, not only on a physical level, but an emotional and spiritual level as well. Julie received her 200 Hour Yoga Certification in December, 2014 at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center where she was fortunate enough to learn from masterful teachers including Dana Trixie Flynn, Ali Cramer and Sheri Celentano. She additionally received her 50 Hour “Fly” Certification from Laughing Lotus in March, 2016. Julie incorporates her passion for movement and music in her classes, challenging her students to move beyond their perceived limitations while also having fun and moving in a way that suits their individual bodies. She adores sharing her practice with others and looks forward to sharing it with the mang’OH community!