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Practical Magic Energy Series with Justin

4 Saturdays – Feb. 4, 11, 18, 25 1-3pm

Practical Magic Energy Series with Justin

4 Saturdays – Feb. 4, 11, 18, 25 1-3pm

Join Justin Ritchie for four Saturdays in February to deeply dig into our own “Practical Magic”, an exploration of energy on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. Each Saturday, we delve into different aspects:

Week 1 – Practical Magic: The Science of “Energy”

Prana. Energy. The psychosomatic connection. The blurry edge between physical feelings and emotional feelings. Esoteric yoga theory and the cutting edge of neurobiology are starting to say a lot of the same things. Where do they meet, where do they differ and how do we use both on and off the mat?

Week 2 – Practical Magic: Mental Energy – Flow States

“Flow” is what happens neurologically when the two halves of our brain start communicating perfectly. But yogis have been doing that for thousands of years… We’re going to talk about how the science of left brain/right brain meeting in flow states lines up with the ancient theory of yin/yang, sun/moon, masculine/feminine meeting create meditative states.

Week 3 – Practical Magic: Body Energy – Chakras and Elements

Chakras are yoga’s map of the psychosomatic connection – where in our body we tend to feel which emotions. Let’s learn to sense different types of energy and learn how to use our body to work on specific mental/emotional states… both on the mat and in everyday life!

Week 4 – Practical Magic: Spiritual Energy – Create, Preserve, Destroy

At our most fundamental level, the fact that things come into existence, live, and then die, is THE deepest root of our relationship to the world and our own experience. This Saturday, we will explore what life is like when we build, love, and let go, all when the time is right, using our practice both on and off the mat to learn how to sense this beautifully fluid, divine balance.

$200. Price includes the four workshops, a goody bag with reading materials, and an unlimited yoga membership to mang’Oh for the duration of the program. 


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