Workshops & Series

Meditation Series: Reduce Stress & Deepen Your Yoga Practice w/ Chintamani

May 6th & 13th, 1-3pm

Do you want to reduce stress, stabilize emotions and feel your best?

Meditation has been scientifically proven to yield an abundance of benefits, including stress reduction, speedier healing, a sense of being centered and grounded—and even improved immune system function! Yet Meditation sometimes seems intimidating, difficult, or “a lot of work.”

But that’s not true at all!

Meditation can be easy, simple, refreshing and grounding. And meditation is a natural part of the yoga practice: Join us for 2 Saturdays in May as we practice simple—yet meaningful—mindfulness meditation, and tie it in with our yoga practice. Participants new to meditation will gain the tools to jumpstart a personal meditation practice. Experienced meditators will gain the opportunity to practice meditation in combination with yoga, community and structured time. All will benefit from group discussions and one-on-one instructor guidance.

Sessions will include: • Unlimited classes at mang’oh for the program’s duration • Two Saturday 2-hour workshops, practicing with Chintamani Kansas, Senior Instructor at mang’Oh • 45 minutes of full-body, deep stretching and yoga, involving seated and reclining poses—safe and effective for all bodies • Clear Meditation Instruction • Meaningful Meditation Time to explore the practice • Community Q & A • Goody bag with yoga products and optional resources to support ongoing practice



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