The Inspirationals: Julia Stephenson, Short & Sweet

Every other week, we do a short profile of someone who has been successful creating a career out of doing what they love. We call it The Inspirationals and we hope they will inspire you too!

Why do we love Julia Stephenson?

Julia’s love for film led her to starting Short & Sweet, a short film evening where people are able to come to and see  established and undiscovered filmmakers showcase their work. Short & Sweet has now become the  only weekly short film rooftop experience in the world.  Short & Sweet recently partnered with the Solar World Cinema in the Netherlands and from November onward, they will host all their outdoor screenings on solar power. They also are involved in outreach programs in and around South Africa where they will be taking their solar power cinemas to low-income communities (called townships) because they believe that everyone and anyone should have access to the most powerful medium: film!

How was Julia inspired to create Short & Sweet?

Julia was working at a film and production company  when she came up with the idea for Short & Sweet. She was often sent showreels from excited directors who were looking for someone to represent them. She was amazed by these short films and she wanted everyone else to experience how she felt when watching these short films. On Monday, May 8th, 2006, her vision became a reality and London’s only weekly short film evening was born.  Nine years later, she is still passionate about her idea, which has now spread to eight different cities around the world including Amsterdam, Barcelona and Toronto.

Quotable: Julia describing Short & Sweet…

“The only way to truly understand The Short&Sweet movement is to experience it. I carefully curate films to take audiences on a journey: creatively, personally and emotionally. Short Film is the medium of the future and in my opinion the most creative art form out there. S&S is dedicated to continuously showcase and support the talent behind these films whilst connecting audiences to themselves and others.”

How would we describe Julia in one word?

Impassioned. Julia embodies her passion for her idea and passes it on to others. She encourages people to take the Short & Sweet movement and start  it in their city. Julia wants to empower women in the film industry so her only rule is that the movement must be run by a woman.

Find out more about Short & Sweet and see if it’s in your city, if its not then why not take it there! Visit their Facebook page, Twitter @shortandsweetCT or connect with them on Instagram @shortandsweetct.

Watch the launch of Short & Sweet in Cape Town here.