The Yamas: Satya, Commitment to Truthfulness

We’ve partnered up with some amazing Cape Town illustrators to bring the Yoga Sutras to life.  Every other week, we include a drawing that showcases one of the sutras which form the foundation of yoga philosophy.  We’ve started with the Yamas, or abstentions, which shows how we relate to the external world.

The second Yama is Satya, which means “truth,” or “non-illusion”. It refers to more than just speech – we must also be truthful in body and mind. Satya always come secondary to Ahimsa. If telling the truth hurts someone else, then it is better to keep quiet.


Jade is a past Fedisa Fashion Design student based in Cape Town. She has always had a passion for design and illustration and is currently doing freelance illustration and design for a well known South African department store, Woolworths.

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