The Inspirationals: Bryan Walter, Rootbar

Every other week, we do a short profile of someone who has been successful creating a career out of doing what they love. We call it The Inspirationals and we hope they will inspire you too!

What is Rootbar?

Rootbar is based in Cape Town and is a healthy alternative that caters for everyone with an interest in healthy living. The focus is to educate people and make sure they are getting the best out of everything they consume. They offer a wide variety of smoothies, juices and alternative superfoods (all healthy). Everything is organic and sourced locally where possible.

How was Bryan inspired to start Rootbar?

Bryan Walter and Colette Lowe (Bryan’s business partner) came up with the idea for Rootbar when they realized that there was a need for something like this in the suburbs of Cape Town. Colette would do juice detoxes with her friends and would have to drive to the city center to find healthy juices without processed ingredients.

The two were a good business pair: Bryan had studied nutrition and Colette was passionate about healthy eating and juicing in particular. Colette and Bryan met at the gym where he used to be her trainer and they would chat and experiment with juices and share recipes, and that’s where it began.

Quotable: Bryan on what advice he would give to others looking to start a business doing what they love……

“Nothing comes to those who sit around and wait. Live your dream and remember without risk there is no reward. Take a leap of faith and do what you love. Expect bumps in the road but always remember to stay your course and know that it will all work out in the end.”

How would Bryan describe Rootbar in one word?

Fresh. Bryan tells us: “We are new, fresh, exciting. Produce is fresh. We keep up with current trends, and especially in Cape Town, being the hub of healthy living in South Africa.”

To learn more, visit Roobar on their website, @rootbarsa on twitter and instagram or visit their Facebook page.