The Inspirationals: David Torr, UCOOK

Every other week, we do a short profile of someone who has been successful creating a career out of doing what they love. We call it The Inspirationals and we hope they will inspire you too!

What is UCOOK?
UCOOK is an online meal kit subscription service that turns the often laborious task of providing dinner each night into something pleasurable. Each week, their customers choose from the featured menu, comprised of nine delicious, chef-crafted recipes separated into 3 dietary categories, which gets delivered every Monday.

Their subscribers receive a box containing all the ingredients needed for them to create restaurant-quality meals in the comfort of their own home. Included in every UCOOK box are beautifully designed recipe cards that display easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, allowing even the novice home cook the opportunity to feel like they belong in the kitchen.

How was David and the team inspired to start UCOOK?
They started UCOOK late last year after David, one of the founding members, experienced the likes of a similar service overseas, Hello Fresh, and found it hugely valuable .

Quotable: David on what advice he would give to others looking to start a business doing what they love……
“Make sure that it’s really what you are passionate about, and that you are driven to make the business a success not because of the money, but because of its purpose, for satisfaction is all you will get for quite some time.”

How would David describe the team in one word?
Persevering. David tells us: “As we are in a business that is hugely challenging to run and operate with the little experience that we possess as a team, we are managing to make it work through sheer perseverance.”

Visit the UCOOK website, stay connected with them on their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram and Twitter.