Having Passion is What Living is All About: An Interview with Janine Silverman

Janine Silverman was an incredible addition to our teacher training program – her humor, honesty, and courage is refreshing and admirable. She is always fostering a sense of community among students, being a friend to all that are around her. She is both bold and vulnerable.

When and how did you first come to yoga?

I had taken a few random yoga classes while on various vacations. I found that it really made me feel so grounded and peaceful. I stumbled upon mang’Oh in 2013 as I walked home, which is just around the corner from the studio. What a special gift the studio is in my life. The solitude, peaceful energy, kindness and spiritual intimacy draws me into this space more and more.

When and why did you decide to do the mang’Oh Teacher Training?

As I finished my yoga class in May 2013, there was a buzz in the reception area in regards to Teacher Training. It piqued my interest to learn something new and to deepen my practice. I was also interested in meeting like-minded people and open myself up to new friendships. This would give me a challenge that I hadn’t faced in many years and a new awareness and dialogue to add to my life.

Describe your Teacher Training experience at mang’Oh:

I approached my teacher training with excitement and anticipation. Having been out of school for many many years, the thoughts of studying was frightening to me. The training itself was professional, very well thought out, and excellently run. It was thorough and taught you each and every aspect of what is needed to beginning your teaching practice. There were times when it was a bountiful of information to “get”, yet we all seemed to enjoy each other, and support one another in digesting all the informative knowledge we were now exposed to. I feel blessed to have experienced the training. It was a wonderful experience including our retreat that was incredibly memorable for so many reasons.

Tell us about your journey post-mang’Oh TT…

I have continued my yoga practice at mang’Oh, but I haven’t taken it to the next level as of yet. My mission is to begin teaching at the workshops and put my teacher training into action this fall. Being that I am at the Jersey shore most of the summer, I look forward to revisiting my “jewel-box” studio and coming back to my mat.

Who has influenced you, both in and out of the yoga world?

I met Frank M in the reception area of the studio when the conversation of “teacher training” was taking place in 2013. Having never met before, I approached him and told him to do it with me!!

He seemed kind and someone I wanted to have in my life. It was Frank who walked me through the entire process, held my hand and encouraged me each day with positive vibes, confidence and spiritual messages. My other mentor is Tony Robbins. I have continued to learn so much from his inspirational teaching, positive messages and listening to his tapes. Being in his seminars is a life changing experience and he has pushed me out of my comfort zones to live a true and fulfilling life. Knowing life has boundless experiences waiting to get taped into, it’s wonderful to know our life’s journey is waiting for us to fulfill it.

When you are not a working or at yoga, where can we find you and what are you doing?

I am semi-retired so I try to fill my days with my passions such as movies, cooking, crafting, reading, in the gym or in the summer, on my boat at the Jersey shore. I have a tiny boutique where I do the buying and selling of accessories in my brothers salon. During the week you can find me on my Citibike, in the wholesale district searching for new products. Merchandising, following the trends, and thinking outside the retail box gets me charged up and keeping it interesting for the buyers is always a challenge for me. I love it!!!!!

Describe your perfect day in NYC:

A perfect day in NYC would be meeting my two BFF’s in Central Park on a glorious early morning walk. We laugh, cry, share and “agree to disagree”. We call it our group therapy walk which takes place in the most gorgeous space in the city. Once we are talked out, we stop for coffee and yogurt at “Le Pain Quotidien” for even more laughs. Then back home to my family to relax, craft, help with homework, and design an awesome dinner for my family. Watching sports is usualIy in the mix. I feel sitting down to share meals is essential in family bonding. Cooking allows for my creativity to show and a way to express my love to my family. When the sun goes down, spending hours on Pinterest passes the time exponentially.

What is something that has surprised you in the last year?

Though so sad, we got an awful surprise tragedy last month when our 39-year old friend, father of 3 very young children, died in his sleep. It was an incredible “Ah ha moment” as to how our lives can change so suddenly and how each day is truly a gift. This shocked all of us and we really now see how fragile life can be. The saying, “we don’t know if we will be here tomorrow” rang so true.

What advice would you give to someone looking to do what they love?

I feel that when you do what you love, that energy, like finding love, gives you that spark, that excitement we all know. Living each day, having that passion is what living a fulfilling life is all about.

What are you most grateful for today?

Today I am most grateful for my amazing husband, daughter and family. I am also grateful for all the choices I can make and how I can choose each day as I please.

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