Ericas Favorites: Yoga Styles

When it comes to yoga styles, everyone has an opinion.  But there is not just one style for everyone.  You may need different styles for different life stages, even different days:
  • Vinyasa Flow: This is the style that I teach and most often practice.  It is physically demanding, with a strong focus on alignment and breath.  As a former dancer, I’ve always enjoyed the fluid transition from one pose to the next
  • Iyengar: I practice this style for precision, alignment, and modifications
  • Restorative Yoga: Stillness, or gentle movement for extended periods of time, this style is all about getting your mind back to center
  • Yin Yoga: Highly meditative, this style teaches patience and releases tension
Remember, yoga is more than the physical practice, and whatever style you choose, it is ultimately about calming the mind and uniting the breath with the body.