The Inspirationals: Jess Wood, Eclecticult

Every other week, we do a short profile of someone who has been successful creating a career out of doing what they love. We call it The Inspirationals and we hope they will inspire you too!

What is Eclecticult?

Eclecticult is an online jewellery store influenced by pop culture, kitsch fashion, cult films, 90’s TV & vintage themes, and anything and everything in between! Jess uses her store as a platform to not only show her love of each of these, but also as a way of expressing her individuality and offering something different to people, so that they can hopefully do the same.

How was Jess inspired to start Eclecticult?
The reason behind starting Eclecticult was purely selfish in the sense that Jess was not able to find the kind of jewelry that she wanted to wear. She says that she remembers  as child her mother had shown her a gold charm bracelet that she’d been given as a child. It had darkened with age and had an antiqued look to it, and was heavy with a random array of beautiful, intricate charms that had been gifted to her over the years. Each charm represented a special occasion, or brought back lovely memories, and Jess desperately wanted to own something like that herself. She decided to take the matter into her own hands and make charm bracelets that tell a story, where each component has meaning to the wearer.

Quotable: Jess on what advice she would give to others looking to start a business doing what they love……
“The best piece of advice I can give, and that I find most truthful, is that you get back what you put in. Put in the research beforehand, put in the work into making your product, put in the positivity and sincerity that you want to convey to your customers, and put in the time to make it all work. I can honestly say that the more time and effort I can afford to give, the more I get back in the form of sales, customers and coverage, and it’s a genuinely good feeling connecting with people over a mutual love of something”

How would Jess describe herself in one word?
Eclectic. Jess tells us: “I think we all are. It’s impossible to sum someone up in one word; we are all capable of being kind yet tough, funny yet serious, optimistic and pessimistic. I also have so much love and admiration for so many things.”