On Devotion (or Why We Need Love More Than Ever)

When I am searching for the ways to stay in love, I hear Maharajji saying: Feed people, Serve people, Love everybody, Tell the truth. – Ram Das

When looking over 2015, I am struck by just how much we need love in our world.
In so many ways, we are bombarded by messages of hatred and fear – in our politics, our workplaces, even in our schools and communities.
These messages of hatred and fear are so destructive, because not only do they harm and maim the targets of those messages, but they slowly break down the power and goodwill of those who are witnesses or bystanders.  In other words, our ability to promote peace and justice becomes belittled to such a degree that we feel incapable of turning the tide of negativity.

I am also concerned with the way that these public messages begin to invade our private relationships. It is almost as if the prevalence of hatred in our public spheres is breaking down our ability to function lovingly in our private spaces.

It is almost as if we can’t escape.

However, there is one tried and true means of escaping: and that is by loving in return.

It’s so hard – to return hatred with love.  And yet it is our most powerful weapon. To love those who are hating takes true devotion. While devotion is part of our human nature, it is a practice which requires perseverance and intention.

Devotion is love unfiltered. It is fidelity and faithfulness. It is an approach to love which is truly blind.

Our world needs a love for humanity that is blind to race, creed or circumstance, rooted rather in the realization that we are all connected to one another – irrevocably.

But we also need to love those who are hating – to love so powerfully that the hatred seems small and weak in relation.

We end the year with love and devotion, for our families, our friends, and for our mang’Oh family – the students, teachers and staff who make every day such a true blessing.

We wish you, our extended family, the beauty and peace that comes with knowing that you are truly loved.  And with that love, we hope you will feel the power to carry it forward.

Thank you – for making 2015 incredible, and for giving us so much to look forward to in 2016.


PS. We will be taking a break from our blog from December 15th – January 15th, to give us time to recharge our batteries and revitalize for 2016.  We look forward to next year and all that it will bring.