Erica’s Favorites: Organizing Tips

 I love being organized and there’s nothing that makes my heart sing like a tidy space. Here are the things that I do to keep my sanity!
  • Tidy up the house and kitchen every night before bed – I always feel so much clearer and motivated when I wake up to an organized, clean space each morning.
  • I re-evaluate my organizing systems constantly. If you have “organized” a space (closet, drawer, etc) and it doesn’t seem to stay that way, re-evaluate your whole system: if it’s organized well, it should be easy and effortless to maintain.
  • I love labels. Use labels so the rest of your family knows where to find and place things.
  • I make time for organizing and see it as an investment for the rest of my life. Take the time and effort you need to get things organized well and beautifully – every hour you spend organizing, you will save countless hours over time.