Andrea Lodico

Andrea Lodico is a New York-based yoga teacher. She found yoga through dance, beginning a new journey of movement and discovery. Since 2004, yoga has been a source of joy and calm within the hustle of life in NYC. In her teaching, she hopes to share the passion and peace she feels on the mat and provide students with an environment in which they uncover new insight, vibrant presence, and strength. Andrea infuses her classes with playfulness and dynamic sequencing in which students move through asana from a strong foundation of alignment. A vigorous and lighthearted practice works to encourage mindfulness of breathing and somatic awareness. Andrea is filled with gratitude for her teachers and the community that yoga has brought into her life, having completed a 200-hour certification at mang’Oh yoga in 2014 with Erica Whalen and her 500-hour training in 2017 at Boston Yoga School in Boston, MA under the mentorship of Ame Wren and Kevin Courtney. She received a 75-hour certification through Kula Yoga Project & The Sacred Fig with Nikki Vilella & Anton Brandt in September 2019.

In addition to teaching yoga, Andrea is an arts administrator, working with choreographers and dance companies to bolster infrastructure and guide change and strategic planning. Over the last decade, Andrea’s creative and strategic vision, along with her commitment to collaboration and innovation, has distinguished her as a leader in the dance field.