Josh Mathew-Meier

A performer from a young age, Josh has always had an interest in movement as a form of expression. While receiving his BFA in Musical Theatre, he was exposed to multiple forms of dance but was never really a ‘dancer’. He arrived in NYC in 2005, attended his first yoga class, and found that it was the right speed for a ‘mover’ while being just as expressive and beautiful as classical dance.

Adding in the deep intellectual and emotional connections had him immediately hooked. Following years of exposure to awe-inspiring instructors, he found himself full to the brim, and the only option was to start putting it back in the world. He received his certification in 2014 and has been upwardly expanding since. His goal in teaching and practice is to cultivate multiple levels of awareness while aligning the physical body with the heart’s intention.

By creating a safe, healthy environment for the exploration and play of dynamic asana, he aims to weave the depths of ancient philosophy with the demands of modern life, allowing for a yogic approach to any situation the every day might present.