Sara Blumenkranz

Sara Blumenkranz received her 200hr certification from Mang’Oh Yoga in the Spring of 2015, a mentorship through Sky Ting Yoga in the Spring of 2016 and a second 200hr Katonah Yoga certification in the Fall of 2018. In life, she refers to, BYTT (Before Yoga Teacher Training) and AYTT (After Yoga Teacher Training) as it was sincerely life transforming. She found that balance, calmness, and fulfilment through a yogic lifestyle is truly the key to harmony.

Sara is a footwear designer by day and yogi by night. She invites you to explore the magic of yoga in every class. Her goal is to create a safe and comfortable environment in every class. She brings a mix of vinyasa flow filled with a blend of several styles including Katonah Yoga, Pranayama and Classical Hatha. Pairing a fresh playlist in every class, weaving in essential oils during savasana, you will undoubtedly find euphoria.

Yoga brings so much value to our lives, being able to share the yogic lifestyle is truly exciting. See you on your mat! Follow my playlists on Spotify: Sararose85 / instagram: @sararosecollection /