Nousha Salimi

When I was a kid I used to watch my aunt practice yoga in her room, I would slowly open the door and try to be as invisible as possible, watching her move and breathe in really strange ways. Years later, as an athlete I started adding yoga in my routine so I can stretch and relax my muscles from excess training. I had little to no awareness on all different aspects of the practice however after avery class I would always feel a sense of joy and comfort within my body and mind. Many years later while battling a serious illness, the practice of yoga came to my rescue, it totally changed me and my life. I dived deep in the wider aspects of it, the philosophy, the meanings, the breathing and… The urge to learn was too strong to hold back so I traveled to the source, India, and started this journey of life long study. I share all that I know, fully and from a place deep within my heart with my students.