Jackie Wolff

Jackie Wolff comes from a background in performance and education. While teaching theater at a special needs school for children, she started practicing yoga with her students and soon realized that was what she was meant to do. She was inspired to become certified, and now has over 400 hours of Yoga teacher training with specialties in yoga for special needs populations, prenatal yoga, trauma informed yoga and restorative yoga…but her heart is in vinyasa flow and loves to guide you to the deep end of your soul, linking movement with breath.

Jackie enjoys sequencing her classes in accordance with the Chakra system, and infuses the movement with dance-like fluidity and liberation, while drawing special attention to alignment. When not hanging out in a headstand, you can find her in the pool as a member of the Brooklyn Peaches Synchronized Swim team. Special thanks to her mentors Mary Dana Abbott, Kenny Frisby, Francesca Bove, Victor Colletti, Ariel Kiley, and all the dreamers, lovers and humans out there showing up on your mat to raise the vibrations on this little planet we share.