10 Things You Didn’t Know About Von

Von is one of our wonderful teachers at mang’Oh. He is offering a beautiful workshop this month at the studio. Join him for Vibes of Love: A Special Live Music Flow on Saturday evening, July 13th.

Here’s a few fun facts about Von that you may not know:

1. His full name: Vanush Hambardzumyan
Vanush, his grandfathers name originated in Hindi means “Man of Forest”. The traditional ending of his last name yan indicates his Armenian heritage and roots.

2. He moved to USA at the age of 20 and learned the English language on his own!

3. He identifies himself as a Medicine Man.

4. He has worked on Madonna’s dancers as well as broadway shows Beautiful and Stomp as a massage therapist. Pretty cool, huh?!

5. Random fact – he is allergic to gin!

6. He loves to ride his bike, make delicious meals, and dress up in fun costumes with his partner & love, Kevin.

7. Vanush, though still young and relatively healthy, works with multiple injuries on a daily basis to maintain and manage his body.

8. Von Love once won TWO trophies! First one as best male dancer and the second one for Hairy Chest competition, both took place at a carnival cruise line.

9. In an average week he guides about 300 people in various levels of yoga classes.

10. Two of the most profound and life altering journeys for Von Love have been the Peruvian Amazon and his study in India.

Von Love

It was a knee-injury that resulted in Vanush [Von] finding yoga and bodywork and opening the door to a personal and professional path of self-discovery, growth, and healing. He completed his 200 hour yoga teacher training at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center followed by apprenticeships with Ali Cramer and Sheri Celentano and now teaches group, corporate and individual yoga classes all over New York City.

By combining his dance background and extensive training in various bodywork modalities and human anatomy, Vanush offers a style of yoga that helps students to find their breath, balance, and the profound wisdom that movement is medicine. Beginning with the physical body, Vanush invites you to take the step forward towards self-discovery and healing as he guides you on a personalized path to achieve wellness and balance in your own life. “Listen to your body” he says “it never lies”.

Please head on over to Von’s website to learn more: Vanush.com