Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese modality that entails stimulating certain points on the body to alleviate pain, address various health conditions, and restore the body to balance and harmony. Most people are aware that acupuncture can reduce pain and treat musculoskeletal issues. They are often unaware however that acupuncture is a complete holistic medical model that treats virtually every medical condition, and is used as well to promote overall health and well-being and prevent disease from arising in the first place.

Everyone can benefit from acupuncture. Here are the top ten reasons why you should try acupuncture:

1. Promotes relaxation.

2. Helps promote sleep.

3. Can boost energy.

4. Decreases musculoskeletal pain.

5. Can treat headaches.

6. Improves your mood.

7. Improves your immune system.

8. Improves your digestion.

9. Helps with disorders related to menstruation and menopause.

10. Keeps you healthy.

Interested in discovering what acupuncture can do for you?

On August 10th, join Dr. Frank Muscara, LAc, DACM for an afternoon of relaxation and renewal supported by acupuncture-enhanced restorative poses. You will be guided through a very slow, deeply therapeutic two-hour restorative yoga practice, during which you will receive two separate needling sessions. As you rest comfortably, needles will be inserted to gently access and move qi (life force or vital energy). The intention is to facilitate a deeper level of relaxation and provide a soft boost to encourage self-healing and restoration of personal balance. A community acupuncture model will be followed, and approximately 5-8 points will be selected from potential locations along the acupuncture meridians: arms/hands, legs/feet, face, or scalp.

To balance the dominant energies of late summer, fire (heart) and earth (spleen/stomach), this workshop will focus on heart opening and grounding poses and acupuncture protocols. Other benefits include stress reduction, physiological restoration and emotional balancing.

To register your spot in this special workshop:

Dr. Frank Muscara, LAc, DACM

Frank’s calm demeanor inspires calm in me. He is knowledgeable and willing to answer questions and explain what he is doing. This inspires confidence. Frank is attentive and caring and willing to take his time and spend the time needed. I’m not able to lie on my stomach or side; Frank’s knowledge and expertise give him the flexibility to treat me in any position in which I’m comfortable. What improved: Increased calm; decreased pain in my normally very painful feet and ankles. I return to Frank because he makes me feel better!
— R.F.

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