Awaken Your Winter Warrior: A Kapha-Heating Workshop

Awaken Your Winter Warrior:
A Kapha-Heating Workshop
with Kristin Bilella

29 February 2020
Saturday 1:15-3:15pm


Join Kristin for this seasonal workshop which will indulge your senses with aromatherapy, vinyasa yoga, and helpful tips to stay balanced during the cold winter months.

Enjoy a fun and energizing flow designed to cleanse the body and open up stuck energy channels, clearing any excess Kapha. This vinyasa experience will conclude with deep restorative postures and reiki, leaving you feeling embodied & enlivened.

In this workshop, Kristin will provide you with information on how to stay balanced in winter according to Ayurvedic principals, a heating active flow, and wind down with restorative poses and aromatherapy. Go on a powerful (and fun!) journey to activate and clarify the many dimensions of your being.