Healing the Heart: A Heart Chakra Workshop

Healing the Heart: A Heart Chakra Workshop
with Annie Hartkemeyer

4 April 2020
Saturday 1:15-3:15pm


In yoga, we talk about “the heart” all the time: Opening the heart, breathing into the heart, living from the heart, etc. We all want to live open-hearted lives, heal from heartbreak, and experience unconditional love and bliss, but this is impossible to do if we are repeating old patterns and living too much in our heads. Fortunately, yoga gives us the tools.

The Anahata (heart chakra, or energetic center) is the most powerful electromagnetic center in the body, much stronger than the thinking mind. We will engage in playful group exercises and journaling, use a combination of vinyasa yoga (to prime and prep the body), kundalini yoga, and meditation (to elevate and clear energy) so that you may boldly live your heart’s desire.

4/4 is an auspicious day to work on matters involving the heart, as the heart is the FOURTH chakra, and the heart has FOUR chambers. Join us as we charge up the electromagnetic field of the heart and bravely step into a more authentic, joyful life.

Please bring your favorite journal.