Yoga Nidra with Sarah Girard

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Dear mang’Oh family,

Our hearts have been filled with awe and wonder by the outpouring of goodwill that this community has offered to us and each other during this time.

These daily emails are our gift to you: something to ponder other than the relentless, tough news that is coming our way each morning.

In this blog post, mang’Oh teacher Sarah Girard reminds us of the Yama asteya, which means “non-stealing” – the ability to resist that which does not belong to us.

It’s a beautiful post that shares Sarah’s sense of being overwhelmed by the generosity of a stranger. She concludes: “Everything is temporary in this world and though we might think we’ve got it all figured out and have so much, nothing is really ours. So, we might as well share what we have.”  

In the post, Sarah also offers a calming 12-minute audio-guided Yoga Nidra practice, which is designed for sleep and relaxation.

Wishing you all health and wellness,
Erica and Cindy