Journaling Prompts for Self-Inquiry During Quarantine

By Sabrina Moscola

Now is the perfect time to dive inward and become curious with the landscape of our inner lives. Without judgement, learning how we respond to challenge, dial up old habits, or create news one, presents such a rich learning experience. I believe, it will be those of us who take time to investigate the workings of our minds, our choices and how we may decide to live going forward, who will come out fortunate and living in abundance on the other side. Just for a moment, can you pause the scrolling, the bingeing of content, the eating of feelings and grab a pen and paper to ask yourself…


What am I feeling in this moment?


What can I do with the resources I have at present to channel any unpleasant emotions?


What am I grateful for right now? If hardship has hit, can I be grateful for the air I’m breathing, the water I’m drinking, the foods I’m eating?


Am I taking moments of stillness or am I avoiding my feelings with distractions?


What do I want to learn from this?


What’s something tangible that I can touch every day to make me feel safe?


Who in my life can I connect with in some way daily to feel supported?


In spite of whatever level of suffering I may be experiencing, can I wish healing, peace and love to those around me and to all human beings?


Have I yet been able to accept detachment?


Do I believe that I will still be okay by letting go of attachment?


When a new normal begins to take shape, what habits do I want to leave behind? What new ones do I want to bring with me?


If I am able to hear birds chirp or see trees sway in the wind from where I currently am, can I do nothing but listen to/watch them for 5 minutes today without distraction to understand that some things in the world are still working perfectly?


Can I send myself love and acceptance and let go of judging and “shoulds”, knowing that I’m doing the best I can?


Can I tell myself (and believe it) that I will be okay?