Why do Yoga Teacher Training at mang’Oh?

yoga teacher training


Have you ever been curious about the mang’Oh yoga teacher training? Wondering if our upcoming fall program is a good fit for you? We’ve got 4 good reasons for doing your teacher training right here.

1. To Apply Yoga to Your Life

Downward facing dog, inversions, and backbends are a small slice of a yoga practice and through teacher training, you will learn much more than the physical poses (although expect a deep dive into those too!). The journey of mang’Oh’s Teacher Training will illuminate yoga’s ancient philosophy and techniques. You will gain an understanding of the deeper meaning of yoga and how your practice can enrich your life on a daily basis.

Throughout the program, my knowledge, wisdom and understanding of yoga philosophy began to flourish and I was able to really apply this new discipline to my entire life.

– Brittany D, graduate 

2. To Say Yes to a Challenge & Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Teacher training requires rigorous practice, in-depth study, and exchange. You’ll be asked to do new things (like teach yoga!) that may stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone. It’s an endeavor that demands self-reflection, vulnerability, and courage. The sweet rewards that emerge through our Teacher Training are incredibly high and you will finish the program feeling both physically and emotionally stronger because of it.

It was challenging both physically and mentally, but it is one of the best the decisions I made all around. Years ago, Oprah started “A Ha Moments” and mang’Oh Teacher Training was a huge “mang’Ah” Moment for me! I will be forever grateful for the experience and its positive influences on my personal and professional development.

– Kim C, graduate 

3. To Spark Passion & Open New Opportunities 

Our Teacher Training will imbue you with the qualifications and confidence to be a yoga teacher, whether you decide to pursue teaching as a new career, a part­-time endeavor, or simply teach your friends and family. Being a yoga teacher is incredibly rewarding – from the freedom of creating a new career to the fulfillment of witnessing students embark on their own process of self-discovery and learning.

After graduating in May from teacher training, I immediately began teaching community classes at mang’Oh and was placed on the sub list in July. I was picking up as many classes as possible and started working with a private client, while planning a wedding and trying to have some summer travels and excitement. In October, mang’Oh graciously extended me the opportunity to teach a recurring class on Thursday mornings, and on October 24th I married the love of my life!

– Josh M, graduate 

4. To Connect With Your Yoga Community

At this moment of isolation, we feel how powerful and important community is in our lives in helping us feel nourished and grounded. Our Teacher Training will connect you with a nurturing community of teachers and yogis that will guide you, support you, and laugh with you (particularly during long training sessions!) along your path of becoming a teacher, and beyond. Relationships formed during Teacher Training are long lasting.

One of the things I value most about my mang’Oh Teacher Training are the connections that I have made with other trainees and how we have cultivated and maintained our friendship. On a monthly basis we get together for yoga and dinner, where we recount our experiences in Teacher Training and exchange advice and laughs about life. ­

– Stephanie F, graduate 

About the mang’Oh Yoga Teacher Training

At mang’Oh, we have been training those who love yoga to teach what they love for over a decade.

The mang’Oh Teacher Training program is a highly regarded 200-hour Yoga Alliance RYS teacher certification program. The training will support you in honing your personal practice as well as give you the knowledge and tools you need to be a successful yoga instructor.

Our Fall Online training is designed for busy professionals and career changers who want the rigor of a personalized and intensive yoga teacher training program, while maintaining their current work and personal lives.

You may nurture a desire to teach or want to deepen your practice (or both!) — at whatever point you may be in your yoga journey, you’ll be welcomed into a community that invites study, discovery, and transformation.

mang’Oh Teacher Training will change your life…

At mang’Oh, we don’t just teach you how to teach, we also give you a chance to build a toolkit of self-discovery, allowing you to live your life with a spirit of abundance, both physically and spiritually. In this moment of collective reflection, we invite you to join us on this powerful journey of self-discovery and possibility.

Learn more about our fall online program here.