5 Tips to Upgrade Your At-Home Yoga Practice

5 tips for yoga at home

5 Tips to Upgrade Your At-Home Yoga Practice

These days, our living rooms have become our yoga studios. The place where we take Zoom calls, watch TV, play with our kids, and do chores does not exactly lend itself to being a relaxing, peaceful sanctuary for yoga and meditation.

However, with a few thoughtful tweaks, we can help elevate our home spaces to enhance our yoga experience for the better. Here are our five tips to upgrade your at-home yoga practice to be more inspiring and effective.

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1. Each week, set your yoga class schedule and add them as mandatory time slots in your calendar.

With an at-home practice, finding excuses and not holding ourselves accountable is easier than ever. Find ways to keep a consistent schedule, like scheduling your classes into your calendar and registering for your classes at the beginning of the week. Perhaps find a friend who can be an accountability partner, joining each other virtually in your classes.

2. Get rid of the distractions.

Turn off all of your pinging notifications and put your phone in the other room. Turn off the TV and any other noises. Let your spouse, housemates, kids and pets (if possible!) know that you cannot be interrupted during this time. Clear away anything that might pull you away from your focus on yoga.

3. Create a yoga studio ambience.

Play soft background music. Light a candle or diffuse some lavender oil. Dim the lights. Open a window to let in some fresh air. Do some small things to change the environment, shifting your perspective, and transporting yourself to a space that is supportive of your practice.

4. Invest in some good props.

If you can, invest in yoga props that set you up for success in the poses. A high quality yoga mat, some sturdy blocks and a good blanket can go a long way in elevating your experience.

5. Set aside a few minutes before and after class.

Before your class, take a few minutes prior to set the tone and quiet your mind. Rather than rushing around or checking your phone, take some time to stretch or breathe deeply. After the class, don’t jump right back into every day busyness. Take a few moments to have a slow and gentle transition. If you have a little time, perhaps spend a few minutes journaling, meditating or enjoying a big glass of water to rehydrate.

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We all miss the luxury of going to our beautiful neighborhood yoga studio. However, by implementing some of these simple and thoughtful ideas, your at-home practice can be potent and impactful wherever you are.

Keep practicing! We hope to see you on the mat virtually this week. We offer daily livestream classes, 7 days a week, plus an extensive On Demand library with all of your favorite instructors.

by Erica Whalen