Masako’s 10 Minute Yoga for Your Eyes

Masako Eye Yoga

Our eyes work extremely hard for us every single day. We spend the most part of our day in front of screens, staring at emails and new articles, social media and videos. With the pandemic, our reliance on zoom calls and virtual events has made our eyes put in even more work.

Yoga for your eyes is an incredible way to relax and rejuvenate our precious and valuable eyes. As Fernando Ruiz said in Yoga Journal, “With benefits ranging from better vision to increased concentration and spiritual insight, these eye asanas will enhance your yoga practice. Along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, they will help protect your vision from the stresses of light, tension, and environmental toxins. So as you grow older, and hopefully wiser, you can direct a soft, insightful gaze at the world, learning to see self and other as one.”

Enjoy this refreshing and simple Yoga for Your Eyes video from our wonderful teacher Masako:

Masako also teaches our Livestream Yin Yoga every Friday evening at 6pm. Join her for the perfect end-of-week practice that is deeply relaxing and grounding.