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At mang’Oh, we believe the practice of yoga is a celebration of life. We run a boutique yoga studio in NYC, teacher trainings in NYC and the Hudson Valley, and retreats around the world. Our blog takes the practice of yoga off the mat, exploring topics that allow you to build the strength and serenity to live your life with beauty and abundance.

Journaling your Way to Truth: The Evolution of a Yogi

By Sabrina Moscola
This month at mang’Oh, we are diving into the healing power of journaling. In our upcoming Story and …

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Kindness Meditation: First Aid for the Heart

Maitryādiṣu balāni
By meditating on friendliness, kindness, and other such qualities, the power to transmit them is obtained.
The Yoga Sutras of …

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Erica’s Favorites: Beach Gear

This summer, we’ve been heading to the beach with our littlies, and it’s been a fantastic way to keep them …

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Erica’s Favorites: Organizing Tips

 I love being organized and there’s nothing that makes my heart sing like a tidy space. Here are the things …

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Ericas Favorites: Life Simplifying App

If there’s anything that I can’t live without, it’s Google Calendar! With the calendar, task lists, and drive, I don’t …

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On Healing, or Why We Need a Revolution of Love

“May you heal everything you touch.” – Author Unknown

This month, we explore the virtue of ahimsa, or the concept of …

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On Change (or Why Your Resolutions in 2016 Will Matter)

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the …

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Erica’s Favorites: Tote Bags

This one is an easy one – my favorite tote bag is our mang’Oh tote of course.
Pick one up at the …

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In the Dark: How a Bankrupt Electricity Utility can Bring You Closer to Your Community

So, South Africa’s government-owned electricity utility is nearly bankrupt. There are certainly long-term implications for a country trying to create jobs …

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Meditation as Ritual (or How to Meditate While Doing the Dishes)

There is this time of day that I despise.  Dinner is over, the kids have been bathed and put to …

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morning ritual

Erica’s Favorites: Morning Rituals

I do the same thing every morning, and there is comfort in that. I drink a big glass of water …

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The Inspirationals: Samantha Cobos of Nest PURE

Every other week, we do a short profile of someone who has been successful creating a career out of doing what …

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Erica’s Favorites: Beauty Products

I’m always trying to keep things simple.  As a new mom, there’s not much time in the day to try …

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The Long Term (or Trying Not to Rush When You’re Building a Life)

I’m learning how to garden.  We’ve lived in the house for a year now and we’re finally starting to look …

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