Abbey Rogowski

Abbey completed her 200-hour training program through Yogaworks here in NYC. She’s a lover of all things wellness, and has deep roots in modern dance. She fell in love with yoga because of the mind-body connection that it offers. To her, yoga is blissful yet strong – both intricate and simple. It’s a constant learning process and it’s something that she wishes to shed light on by teaching her students in a mindful, encouraging manner. Her calming ways will put you at ease and help to deepen your connection to the practice.

Nodira Ahkmedova

Nodira came to yoga after many years of search for spiritual tradition that would resonate with her heart and mind. She completed 500 hour training at ISHTA studio in New York, and accrued many hours of additional trainings in Anatomy, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, etc. Teaching both private and group classes and workshops throughout the city, Nodira has developed her unique style by exploring various yoga traditions and spiritual teachings. An eternal student, she continues to study on and off her mat, so she can give her students the most refined guidance to find their own inner teacher. She emphasizes safe practice, and an individualized approach. In addition to teaching yoga, Nodira is a professional Middle-Eastern dancer, speaks fluent Japanese and Russian, and has a Master’s degree in International Relations.

Dana Fortini

Dana’s yoga journey began when she was a stressed-out MBA student, constantly panicking about midterms and perpetually hunched over textbooks in the library.  One of her classmates and best friends took Dana to her first yoga class, reassuring her that it would do her good.  As they say, the rest is history.  Dana received her 200 hour yoga teacher certification at The Yoga Room in Queens, NY. She works with students of all levels and creates upbeat and bright classes meant to stimulate curiosity on and off the mat.  Her goal is to create an inviting atmosphere that leaves you feeling supported, refreshed, restored, and grounded – better when you leave than when you first walked into class.

Beatrice McMullen

Beatrice is a proud New Yorker who discovered yoga while teaching English in Spain. Her new practice brought her peace in a time of uncertainty and self-discovery. She feels very lucky to have discovered mang’Oh as a neighbor upon returning to New York – her practice balanced her in yet another transitional period in life. Beatrice brings her quick wit and sweet nature to mang’Oh, where she completed her teacher training. Her teaching style is challenging, moderately paced, and energetic; always encouraging her students to go deeper into themselves physically and spiritually.

Annie Hartkemeyer

Annie H is a New York based actress and yoga instructor. Always one for an adventure, Annie has found that her yogic journey has been one of the most rewarding ones, and she loves sharing that journey with her students. Annie is now on faculty at her alma mater, the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, where she teaches Yoga for Actors.

She teaches yoga at the United Nations, works one on one with patients at a doctor’s office where she leads yoga therapy sessions, and teaches group classes and private sessions across the city. Her classes are carefully crafted to nurture the individuals present and include lots of detailed alignment work, quiet moments of introspective self-study, and a vigorous, heat-building Vinyasa flow. She received her yoga training at Sonic Yoga, her prenatal training at Sanctuary Pilates, and trained with Connected Warriors to learn how to teach yoga to veterans with PTSD.

Jackie Wolff

Jackie Wolff comes from a background in performance and education. While teaching theater at a special needs school for children, she started practicing yoga with her students and soon realized that was what she was meant to do. She was inspired to become certified, and now has over 400 hours of Yoga teacher training with specialties in yoga for special needs populations, prenatal yoga, trauma informed yoga and restorative yoga…but her heart is in vinyasa flow and loves to guide you to the deep end of your soul, linking movement with breath.

Jackie enjoys sequencing her classes in accordance with the Chakra system, and infuses the movement with dance-like fluidity and liberation, while drawing special attention to alignment. When not hanging out in a headstand, you can find her in the pool as a member of the Brooklyn Peaches Synchronized Swim team. Special thanks to her mentors Mary Dana Abbott, Kenny Frisby, Francesca Bove, Victor Colletti, Ariel Kiley, and all the dreamers, lovers and humans out there showing up on your mat to raise the vibrations on this little planet we share.

Von Love

It was a knee-injury that resulted in Vanush [Von] finding yoga and bodywork and opening the door to a personal and professional path of self-discovery, growth, and healing. He completed his 200 hour yoga teacher training at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center followed by apprenticeships with Ali Cramer and Sheri Celentano and now teaches group, corporate and individual yoga classes all over New York City.

By combining his dance background and extensive training in various bodywork modalities and human anatomy, Vanush offers a style of yoga that helps students to find their breath, balance, and the profound wisdom that movement is medicine. Beginning with the physical body, Vanush invites you to take the step forward towards self-discovery and healing as he guides you on a personalized path to achieve wellness and balance in your own life. “Listen to your body” he says “it never lies”.

Jeanette Doherty

A NYC transplant from Detroit, Michigan, Jeanette Doherty came to the East Coast and to yoga through her first passion – stage acting. A practicing yogi since 2002, Jeanette transitioned from student to ever-learning teacher in 2014 through JataVeda 200hr teacher training with Keri Setaro and Paula Loose. She recently completed her advanced training through Laughing Lotus NYC’s 300hr Love School.

Jeanette’s classes combine vigorous, creative flows with storytelling, inspiring students to take the curiosity, freedom and playfulness they find on the mat into the rest of their lives. In addition to fluid asana, classes include restorative elements, as well as deeper spiritual study through dharma, meditation, chanting and breath work.

Expect to dance, sweat and surprise yourself as you safely explore challenging shapes and learn a little practical magic along the way. Outside the studio, Jeanette shares her life with a wonderfully nerdy data scientist, a playful pup named Stevie Nicks and a snaggletooth cat named Rufus.

Marissa Anteby

Marissa Anteby, ERYT 500, is registered with Yoga Alliance as a Yoga Teacher for Yoga Teachers. She masterfully manages to guide beginner and advanced Yoga practitioners through an ever changing sequence of poses, with clear language and easy to understand instruction. Her experience in leading people is obvious from the first inhale to the very last exhale. Maybe it’s because she’s been doing this for over two decades, maybe it’s because she continues to study with the most revered leaders in the Wellness/Fitness industry, or maybe it’s just because she cares about each person in her classes.

Marissa upholds numerous certifications, among them are; Hatha Yoga, Ishta Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage, Healing Energy, Mat Pilates, Ballet Toning, Interval Conditioning, Resistance Training, Group Fitness, and several Indoor Cycling formats. Her popular classes have graced the tri-state area in Yoga studios and major health clubs. Marissa even took her unique blend of stretching and strengthening to Dubai, UAE where she lived and taught. But we like her right here, reminding us to be in this precious moment! Marissa’s main teachers include, Rodney Yee of Gaiam Yoga video fame, Yogiraj Alan Finger – meditation guru, Julie Kleinman – Director of YogaWorks LA and frequent author of Ask the Expert in Yoga Journal, John Friend – founder of Anusara Yoga, to name a few.

Practicing Yoga with Marissa will leave you feeling toned, refreshed, renewed, and glad you did it!

Nousha Salimi

When I was a kid I used to watch my aunt practice yoga in her room, I would slowly open the door and try to be as invisible as possible, watching her move and breathe in really strange ways. Years later, as an athlete, I started adding yoga to my routine so I can stretch and relax my muscles from excess training. I had little to no awareness of all different aspects of the practice however after every class I would always feel a sense of joy and comfort within my body and mind.

Many years later while battling a serious illness, the practice of yoga came to my rescue, it totally changed me and my life. I dived deep into the wider aspects of it, the philosophy, the meanings, the breathing and… The urge to learn was too strong to hold back so I travelled to the source, India, and started this journey of lifelong study. I share all that I know, fully and from a place deep within my heart with my students.

Andie Sablosky

Yoga to Andie means breathe. The practice of yoga is seamlessly intertwined in how we live our lives every day. After completing her YTT 200 hour at Satsang Yoga Studio in Westfield, NJ in 2012 she’s continued her education at Yoga Shanti with Colleen Saidman Yee and Rodney Yee’s 100 hour advanced TT and a mentorship with Heather Lilleston in NYC at Yoga Vida.

In Andie’s classes you will find that she brings a lifetime of movement, power, and flexibility to each series and an invitation to bring your breath and questions. Her goal is to show you that through the physical practice of yoga, you will feel empowered and learn more about yourself both physically and emotionally. When she’s not on her mat you can find her with her feet in the sand. An avid surfer and ocean lover she’s constantly chasing the tide. For her there is never enough time in the sunshine, but there is always time for a smile and a laugh.

Andreas Schwarz

Andreas teaches Vinyasa style yoga and completed his 200-hour teacher training certification in 2014 at Sacred Sounds Yoga. His decision to complete his 200-hour training was to further enhance his knowledge of the philosophy and history of yoga as well as Western anatomy in order to understand the effects and benefits of one’s asana practice on the body.

Although having no intention to teach at the time, Andreas soon recognized his passion for teaching others. He enjoys creating “safe havens” for his students in which they can learn, engage and deepen their practice. Passionate about social justice, Andreas holds an M.A. in International Relations with a focus on Human Rights.

He is currently employed at an HIV/AIDS Foundation where the mission is to end the epidemic by challenging the root social causes of the disease such as discrimination, stigmatization, poverty, and lack of health care for people living with HIV/AIDS. Andreas is grateful to all his family, friends and mentors that have encouraged and supported him throughout his journey.

Sara Blumenkranz

Sara Blumenkranz received her 200hr certification from Mang’Oh Yoga in the Spring of 2015, a mentorship through Sky Ting Yoga in the Spring of 2016 and a second 200hr Katonah Yoga certification in the Fall of 2018. In life, she refers to, BYTT (Before Yoga Teacher Training) and AYTT (After Yoga Teacher Training) as it was sincerely life transforming. She found that balance, calmness, and fulfilment through a yogic lifestyle is truly the key to harmony.

Sara is a footwear designer by day and yogi by night. She invites you to explore the magic of yoga in every class. Her goal is to create a safe and comfortable environment in every class. She brings a mix of vinyasa flow filled with a blend of several styles including Katonah Yoga, Pranayama and Classical Hatha. Pairing a fresh playlist in every class, weaving in essential oils during savasana, you will undoubtedly find euphoria.

Yoga brings so much value to our lives, being able to share the yogic lifestyle is truly exciting. See you on your mat! Follow my playlists on Spotify: Sararose85 / instagram: @sararosecollection /

Andrea Lodico

Andrea Lodico is a New York-based yoga teacher. She found yoga through dance, beginning a new journey of movement and discovery. Since 2004, yoga has been a source of joy and calm within the hustle of life in NYC. In her teaching, she hopes to share the passion and peace she feels on the mat and provide students with an environment in which they uncover new insight, vibrant presence, and strength. Andrea infuses her classes with playfulness and dynamic sequencing in which students move through asana from a strong foundation of alignment. A vigorous and lighthearted practice works to encourage mindfulness of breathing and somatic awareness. Andrea is filled with gratitude for her teachers and the community that yoga has brought into her life, having completed a 200-hour certification at mang’Oh yoga in 2014 with Erica Whalen and her 500-hour training in 2017 at Boston Yoga School in Boston, MA under the mentorship of Ame Wren and Kevin Courtney. She received a 75-hour certification through Kula Yoga Project & The Sacred Fig with Nikki Vilella & Anton Brandt in September 2019.

In addition to teaching yoga, Andrea is an arts administrator, working with choreographers and dance companies to bolster infrastructure and guide change and strategic planning. Over the last decade, Andrea’s creative and strategic vision, along with her commitment to collaboration and innovation, has distinguished her as a leader in the dance field.

Chintamani Kansas

Chintamani discovered yoga on a whim and quickly realized how powerful, yet simple, yoga can be to help bring balance and healing. Yoga helped Chintamani overcome trauma and redirect her life towards health and wellbeing. She quickly realized yoga was a gift that needed to be shared with everyone.
Chintamani teaches classic and specialty yoga, and is a longtime Teacher Trainer in the mang’Oh 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. She continues to study yoga, yoga for injuries and other healing modalities, including Anatomy, Pilates and Mindfulness Meditation.
Chintamani’s classes blend mindfulness, alignment and joyful movement; encouraging safety and skillfulness, as well as freedom and expression. Chintamani’s mission is to get us all to move, breathe, find our joy, and feel connected and smart.
FB: yogawithc IG: yogawithc

Danielle Figgie

Love at first sight – that is how Danielle’s relationship with yoga began. She has been practicing since 2002, and like any truly great relationship, the connection has only gotten stronger over time. After spending five years in a very fast-paced corporate job, Danielle decided to turn her passion for yoga into a profession and became a Registered Yoga Teacher, certified at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center.

She wholeheartedly believes that happiness is a choice. And for her, yoga is happiness. In her teachings, Danielle incorporates asana flow with pranayama and meditative techniques. The goal, first and foremost, is to move in harmony with your breath, while tapping into a deeper awareness of your self to provide a balance that will bring you to a peaceful, happy place.

Djuna Passman

Djuna’s aversion to yoga quickly dissipated after she discovered the strong physical, emotional, and spiritual effects of a daily practice during a time of personal upheaval.

A lifelong love of moving and firm belief in the healing that comes from developing and deepening the mind-body connection have led her to successful careers as a dancer, choreographer, and dance/movement therapist. Feeling a strong desire to share the wonders of yoga with others she received her yoga certification through mang’Oh as part of their inaugural teacher training in 2011.

Blending extensive knowledge of the body with choreographic skills and the ability to create and hold a safe space for self-exploration and play, Djuna aims to challenge and inspire her students. She loves sharing her passion for yoga with the mang’Oh community. For more information or to say hi, visit her website.

Erica Whalen

When Erica found mang’Oh, she was running around New York City teaching at various studios, gyms, and living rooms. At the time, mang’Oh had a tiny community and was in need of some love and inspiration. In 2007, she, along with her business savvy sister and dearest friend Cynthia, purchased and reinvented the studio. Today, mang’Oh has become the place they always dreamed it could be: a sweet yoga sanctuary full of heart and soul.

Erica is in love with the practice of yoga. She profoundly believes in its healing effects for the individual body and spirit, as well as the collective whole. She delights in teaching beautiful and expressive asana classes in the hatha vinyasa style. Every day, she is inspired by and grateful for all of the students and teachers that call mang’Oh their yoga home.

Erica has a BFA in Ballet and Modern Dance from Texas Christian University, and she received her yoga certification through Laughing Lotus Yoga School. She lives in Astoria with her husband, Evan.

Heather Bernstein

Heather teaches yoga for peace and bliss. She believes that the art and beauty of yoga is to understand your limits, expand your boundaries and then be able to truly relax into who you are. In yoga we seek the unification of the mind, body and soul. This is the very reason she devoted her own life to yoga and wants to share it with as many people as possible through her teaching.

In Heathers class you’ll be physically challenged while you are always reminded of your spirit and breath. The music will carry you through the mental and physical shift that occurs in the class. Heathers personal practice began 20 years ago at Integral Yoga Studio in NYC. She received her RYT- 200 hour certification in the summer of 2014 at Pure Yoga.

Josh Mathew-Meier

A performer from a young age, Josh has always had an interest in movement as a form of expression. While receiving his BFA in Musical Theatre, he was exposed to multiple forms of dance but was never really a ‘dancer’. He arrived in NYC in 2005, attended his first yoga class, and found that it was the right speed for a ‘mover’ while being just as expressive and beautiful as classical dance.

Adding in the deep intellectual and emotional connections had him immediately hooked. Following years of exposure to awe-inspiring instructors, he found himself full to the brim, and the only option was to start putting it back in the world. He received his certification in 2014 and has been upwardly expanding since. His goal in teaching and practice is to cultivate multiple levels of awareness while aligning the physical body with the heart’s intention.

By creating a safe, healthy environment for the exploration and play of dynamic asana, he aims to weave the depths of ancient philosophy with the demands of modern life, allowing for a yogic approach to any situation the every day might present.

Kristin Bilella

Kristin’s passion for yoga started about 8 years ago. From struggle, she found joy when she learned she could look within to find strength through yoga. After years of practice, she continued on her journey to 200 hour yoga school at Laughing Lotus where is graduated in 2010 and the real fun began. She teaches a fast-moving, fun vinyasa flow with emphasis on turning within and loving yourself, and really great music!

While the physical practice moves you, creates heat, and keeps you in shape, it’s the spiritual aspect of the practice that keeps her coming back to the mat and teaching. Coming together as a community both as a student and a teacher has brought such fulfillment to her life, and she is honored to give more and be a part of the Mang’oh community. Namaste!

Lauren McColloch

Lauren began her yoga practice while living in Florida. She received her 200 hour yoga certificate from Mang’oh Yoga after moving to New York City in 2011. She teaches a vigorous, yet calming Vinyasa flow with a strong emphasis on adjustments, the breath, and the student’s individual experience within his or her own practice.

She’s also been known to sneak in a restorative pose whenever she can. As Charles Bukowski says “find what you love and let it kill you”. See you in Savasana!

Lisa Levine

After being sedentary for 41 years, Lisa realized that to live well into middle age and beyond she would have to become active. She forced herself to lift weights and do aerobics without joy. Then a yoga studio opened near her and she found what felt natural and even fun.

And she discovered an unexpected benefit: more acute self-awareness and deeper body awareness. Since then, Lisa has practiced Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Bikram yoga. She became a 200 hour trained teacher through Mang’Oh studio in spring 2015 and loves sharing the joy with her students!

Maggie Romairone

Maggie has been teaching yoga since 2012, but her fascination with movement and body awareness began long ago when she trained as a ballet dancer and started teaching dance during college. She then went on to enjoy running a successful recruiting business in New York City, M. Luca & Associates.

She reconnected to her dancing past and started practicing yoga on a regular basis in 2010. Two years later, she completed her Yoga Teacher Training at Mang’Oh.
Since then, she has plunged into teaching a wide range of students.

She obtained an advanced teaching certification in Yoga for Arthritis in 2013 and certifications in Yin Yoga, Chair Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Therapy in 2014 from Integral Yoga Institute. Most recently, after several years of study, she has been accepted as a Yoga Therapist by the International Association of Yoga Therapy.

Maggie also studied the roots of Yogic philosophy in Haridwar, India.

In addition to teaching at Mang’Oh, Integral Yoga Institute and other New York studios, Maggie has a private Yoga Therapy practice for students with movement disorders, arthritis and other health issues.

Maggie hopes to share her enthusiasm for the benefits of yoga with the Mang’Oh community.

Masako Miyakawa

Masako stumbled into a yoga class after having a particularly hard day in February 2001. The rest, as they say, is history. She practices yoga not only for its physical, mental, and emotional benefits, but because it is just so much fun! Sharing what she has learned and experienced with her students has brought her joy and happiness beyond all measure.

Originating from Japan and having gone to an all-girls Buddhist school has prepared her to infuse Buddhist teachings with yogic philosophy, and weaving them into the class. She is known for her mindful, caring, kind, and light-hearted approach to yoga and to her students. Masako is a certified Integral Yoga and OM Yoga teacher, with additional training in restorative, yin, pre-and-post natal, and chair yoga.

Natalia Shmonina

Natalia is a former gymnast who was born and raised in Russia. She moved to Japan after university graduation and stayed in Asia for 10 years. Buddhism and eastern life culture attracted her during her time in Japan, where she experienced yoga for the first time. In 2012, she came to New York and found a multicultural city with a lot of energy, where every second New Yorker is engaged in yoga.

Her gymnastic background instilled in her the belief that challenges makes us stronger and better. Her goal is to be positive – that in attaining physical results we achieve a spiritual practice, which leads us in a positive direction. She teaches vinyasa flow with physical challenge, graceful movement with connection to breathe. She inspires students to find their inner peace through strength, balance and harmony.

Natalia has received yoga certifications at both New York Yoga and mang’Oh Yoga. This is your life – do what you love, and do it often.

Sarah Girard

Sarah Girard was born and raised in Venice Beach, California and has recently moved to New York City. Having an exposure to a wide variety of yoga teachers at an early age, she welcomed education from many different disciplines. Also being a cancer survivor, artist and food lover she has incorporated resiliency, courage and humor into her life.

During the past decade, Sarah has trained hundreds of hours with Bryan Kest, Annie Carpenter, Maty Ezraty, Dharma Mittra and Leslie Kaminoff. Her non-profit work brings her to both Cancer Wellness Centers and low-income high schools throughout Manhattan. She believes that we are all students and to be a teacher one must always be learning. Sarah encourages the connection of mind and body in her classes and celebrates the challenges we greet in our daily lives.

We are all powerful in our own ways.

Susan Derwin

While living in Miami, Susan completed her first 200-hour yoga teacher training and soon was teaching Vinyasa and Yin yoga full-time.

She moved back to her hometown, New York City, while completing her 500-hour certification at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in 2013. Fascinated by the complementary interaction between the active and passive practices, she studied Yin Yoga with Corina Benner, becoming fully certified as a Yin teacher in early 2015.

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