Restorative and Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

“If you are kind to your body it will respond in an incredible way.”

Vanda Scaravelli

The Program

TBD: November 2018

4 Day Retreat in the beautiful Hudson Valley

This program is open to anyone interested in diving deeper into the meditative and restorative aspects of yoga. It is great for teachers or health professionals looking to learn new therapeutic techniques, practitioners who would like to deepen their practice of yoga and meditation, those who would like to learn how to heal themselves and others, or anyone who wants to sleep better at night and learn how to truly relax. At the end of this weekend, you will be equipped with the tools necessary to teach restorative yoga and yoga Nidra meditation and receive a certificate of completion, which qualifies for 32 hours of CEU credits with Yoga Alliance.

Course Topics

– The science and history of restorative yoga and yoga Nidra meditation

– Physical, psychological, energetic, and spiritual benefits of yoga Nidra and restorative yoga

– How to practice, teach, and design restorative yoga and yoga Nidra sequencing

– How to utilize restorative yoga and/or yoga Nidra for specific conditions such as improving wellbeing, recovery (from injury, illness, athletic practice, etc), memory function, anxiety, depression, etc.

– Incorporating yoga Nidra meditation and restorative practice to more active styles of yoga

– How to teach yoga Nidra and restorative yoga in different settings, privately and group lessons, including a special prop-less restorative yoga class for spaces with little to no props

– In-depth introduction to the subtle body including the nadis, koshas, and chakra system and pranayama and meditation techniques


Sho Higuchi is a passionate instructor who teaches from a place of loving-kindness and compassion. He is best known for his fun, playful, and soothing style. Sho believes that the purpose of our lives is to be happy and share this happiness with others. This shines through in all his classes – you can expect to reconnect with your body, mind, heart, and soul in a gentle and nurturing environment.

To learn more about Sho and his training, visit his website at

Readings and texts

Required Text *please read full text before arriving at the weekend retreat*

Yoga Nidra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Recommended Reading

Relax & Renew by Judith Lasater

The Curriculum

Join Sho Higuchi, self-proclaimed relaxation connoisseur, in this special exploration into yoga nidra meditation and restorative yoga.

Yoga nidra is a unique meditation done lying on the back in savasana position that promotes a state of deep relaxation and healing. Often called the art of conscious relaxation, yoga nidra is an ancient technique that has been used for many centuries in the yoga culture. It is now gaining popularity in the west and has been used to remove the deep-rooted tensions and stresses stored in the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

Restorative yoga utilizes the same meditative quality of yoga nidra to deeply relax and restore the mind/body system. With the use of props, the body is placed into supported postures that facilitate the release of tension in our physical body as well as the blockages in our energy pathways (nadis or meridians).

Both restorative yoga and yoga nidra meditation uses a systematic approach to access the hypnagogic state, Alpha rhythm of the brain waves (state between consciousness and unconsciousness, awareness and sleep) where healing can take place in the deepest layers of our mind/body system. Scientific evidence shows that yoga nidra and restorative yoga practice may improve physical and mental health through the down regulation of the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis and the sympathetic nervous system, which helps promote concentration, brain health, reduce stress and anxiety, and provide relief from pain, insomnia, depression, and many other modern disease states.

This training will focus on the science and technique of yoga nidra meditation and restorative yoga and provide you with the tools to guide yourself and others through these healing practices. The training will include an in-depth introduction to the chakra system, subtle body anatomy, as well as pranayama and meditation techniques.

“All that is important comes in quietness and waiting.”

Partrick Lindsay

The Retreat

The training is a 4-day intensive retreat at Lifebridge Sanctuary, a green retreat center nestled in the Hudson Valley, with expansive views of the Catskills. Away from the hustle of the city, we will use the time to hone technical skills as well as reflect on the spiritual and emotional aspects of the training journey. By sharing this time with peers and teachers, you will be able to build a community for your yoga practice, which will serve you for a lifetime.

Visit the Lifebridge Sanctuary webpage

Schedule & Tuition


November 2018 – specific dates TBA

Friday –

Arrive by 12pm


6-7pm Dinner


Saturday and Sunday-

8am-9am Breakfast


1pm-2pm Break and Lunch


6pm-7pm Break and Dinner



8am-9am Breakfast


1pm-2pm Lunch

Leave at 2pm



Tuition includes accommodations, meals, and all class hours on retreat in the beautiful Hudson Valley.

$1095 Early Bird

$1195 Standard

10% discount for our 200 hr graduates, unlimited members, and teachers on staff.

$150 application deposit is due upon acceptance and will go towards your tuition.

Materials required for the program: yoga mat, standard yoga bolster, two 4″ yoga blocks, one yoga strap, one eye pillow, and three yoga blankets.