Workshops & Events

Rolling Out: Myofascial Release for the Lower Body

23 February 2019
Saturday 1:30-3:30pm

$35 ($60 for both).

Take Healing into Your Own Hands
with Narisara Vanichanan, E-RYT 500

Work with back tension, tight hips, tense hamstrings, calves, iliotibial (IT) bands, and more. Whether you’re under constant stress, training for a marathon, or healing from injuries, this self-care practice will offer relief and space to breathe. This workshop incorporates Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls and Restorative Yoga. The Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball system provides targeted self-massage therapy by using specially designed, high-grip rubber balls and focused movement routines that help penetrate layers of skin and muscle to massage high-tension areas. Combined with the healing bliss of Restorative Yoga, breath work, and meditation, it may bring relief from stress and a sense of complete surrender.

All Levels.

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Restore: Essential Oils Make and Take Event

2 March 2019
Saturday 1:15-3:15pm

$45, includes all of the essential oil goodies you take home.

Restore with Essential Oils
with Annie Hartkemeyer and Marea Nathanson

Join us on March 2nd for an afternoon of deep relaxation and renewal while learning how to incorporate oils into your yoga practice. Annie and Marea will create an incredible experience of restorative yoga enhanced with essential oils.

Move through long held yoga poses infused with healing oils. After relaxing with yoga, make your own essential oil sprays and roller balls to take home with you.

All Levels.

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