Workshops & Series

Our Annual Yoga Challenge

1 June – 30 June

Join our Annual mang’Oh Yoga Challenge by attending 10+ classes during the month of June, and receive your mang’Oh prize!

All you need to do is sign up at the studio, and your Challenge Card will be posted on the wall, ready to start the challenge on June 1st.

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Yoga Anatomy Series

8, 15, 22, 29 September 2018

This is a workshop built to help us learn more about our bodies so that we can efficiently and effectively move towards safety and injury prevention.  Open to All Levels.

Each workshop will consist of lecture, light movement, and tactile learning opportunities to embody anatomy inside familiar yoga asanas.

1st Day – The Spine: Nervous System House

How our spines evolved over time plays an integral role in how our bodies move and how our nervous system functions.  In this workshop, we will learn about the natural curves of the spine from development to purpose. We will also look at how we can keep the spine healthy by balancing movement and stability within postures.


2nd Day – The Pelvis: Why it is Not a Bowl

During this day we will address the makeup of the fundamental structures of the Pelvis and address anatomical differences which can lead towards possible injury in asana practice.  We will play with new movement pathways that can lead towards rehabilitative practices working with the wide range of movement possible in the pelvis, not against it.


3rd Day – The Shoulders: What is a Girdle Anyway?

We carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, we might as well learn about how they are built.  During this workshop we will look at the bony joint structures of the shoulder girdle, observing how they interplay, connect and facilitate our movement.  As usual, we will explore shoulder movement in various asanas leading to efficient strength and mobility training.


4th Day – Hands and Feet: How do we Walk, Reach and Connect?

In the final workshop, we will study our peripheral appendages which make the most contact with the outer world.  Our hands and feet play a pivotal role in how we move both on and off the mat. By learning the structure of these foundational points we can fortify each of our asanas with a basis of understanding that will lead us forward healthy and safely for years to come.

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