Workshops & Series

Back to Basics: Beginners Series

6, 13, 20, 27 October 2018
Saturdays 1:15-3:15pm

$250 investment, includes unlimited membership for the month of October.

Includes 4 weeks of FREE unlimited yoga at mang’Oh!

Join us for 4 Saturdays as we go back to the basics with a beginners series that will give you the introductory knowledge that you need to get your practice started, or deepen your existing practice.

This series is designed for new and existing students looking to deepen their knowledge about yoga and students considering the Teacher Training course.

Asana and Alignment – Extensive study and breakdown of yoga postures

Yoga Philosophy and History – Yoga’s deeper meaning and how to apply it to your practice

Meditation and Pranayama – Understanding the deeper practices of meditation and breathwork

Upon completion, you will feel confident to join mang’Oh classes at the Beginner and Intermediate levels. Students who wish to carry on the learning will be fully prepared to join the mang’Oh Teacher Training course.

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Cultivating Joy in Life and Practice: Meditation Series

3, 10, and 17 November 2018
Saturdays 1:15-3:15pm

$100 investment.

Meditation is often presented as something that requires “discipline” and as something “challenging” to do. Nothing could be further from the truth! Meditation can be a joyful and simple practice to sweeten daily life. In fact, that is the goal of meditation, and always has been. To create a life with more ease, happiness and meaning. Join Chintamani for 3 Saturdays in November as we explore a variety of meditation and mindfulness techniques to create a simple, joyful personal practice within the context of creating a happy, meaningful life.

Meditators of all levels will benefit from this combination of yoga and meditation practice, with support from community and an experienced teacher.

Sessions include full body yoga stretching involving seated and reclining poses (safe for beginners and people working with injuries). Chairs are available for the seated portion of the program. Participants must be willing to get down and up from the floor to participate in the yoga stretching.

Questions about this workshop? You can always reach out to Chintamani directly at She is here to help!

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